Hello, My name is Jeff Weisman and I am a certified Hellerwork Practitioner.

Whether you have come to this site because you live in chronic pain or you are an athlete who needs their body to be better, welcome.

You may have heard words like Hellerwork, Rolf, Structural Integration etc, I am here to demystify everything. This website will answer all your questions and teach you about a world of a therapy that can change your life.

Many years ago, I was changed by this work.  I was a happy computer geek working at Microsoft in Washington State.  This work was so profound I quit my day job and started training immediately.

I have been plying my craft for roughly 13 years and am lucky to have been taught by Joseph Heller himself. I have mentored under three of the greatest structural integrators in the world, Dan Bienenfeld, Dan Rawson and Aimee Kolzby, each giving me a unique eye and approach to the work.

When we meet, I will give you an honest assessment of what I see and explain to you in everyday English how I think I can help you improve your quality of life.

As a Bikram Yoga Instructor, I am not only able to help you get deeper into your yoga practice but I am able to help you with preventative measures to avoid future problems.   My Structural Integration practice started in Laguna Beach.  I came home to Toronto to be the only Hellerwork structural Integrator in all
of Ontario.