What does it feel like?
Don’t Panic!!! It is not nearly as painful as people make it sound.
The Hellerwork method of Rolfing focuses on the fascial system of the body and can be described as a long slow stretch. We are concerned with addressing your pain centers by restoring the body’s balance and alignment. The work is deep and always at a comfort level the client can breathe/talk/laugh through.

But really, what does it feel like?
The response to the work is different for everyone. For some it is barely noticeable, while it can be quite uncomfortable for others. This type of work challenges the body. It should never be overwhelming and you the client determines the comfort level and pace of the session. At the end of each session, you will find your body more loose, flexible and more at ease.

Will the changes last?
The series is designed t unlock and balance your body. Benefits of the series may continue to evolve, improve and deepen long after the series is complete. If the client follows movement lessons which accompany each session, the structural changes will persist.

The increase of body awareness that comes from Structural Integration makes the body more sensitive to the effects of “bad Habits” or inefficient movement patterns. Essentially, the body will naturally want to do what is more balanced and efficient because it is more comfortable. Over time, your body will become more aligned.

Will I need a complete series?
Often, a single session will bring about pain relief. Unfortunately, pain typically returns if deep compensation patterns are present in the body. For example, tight hops and back pain usually go together. Without addressing the body at large, other tissues will reinforce the pain pattern and return you to your familiar pattern.

The idea of the series is to systematically balance the body and eliminate al the contributing factors which are found in a “random” body.

The series can be a journey on more than a physical level. By working all the areas of the body, it is an opportunity for you to renew your relationship with the only body you will have your entire life. it is a chance to redefine how you wish to feel, live and move in your body.

Cost and Frequency?
Each session is 90 minutes long. A session entails both physical bodywork and movement lessons.

I like to schedule sessions no more than once a week. Some people are more comfortable proceeding through the series once every two weeks. A client needs time to acclimate and integrate the changes in their bodies and incorporate the movement patterns discussed.

If somebody is coming in for “spot work”, timing of the sessions is less important.

The cost per session is $150.

Please understand there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you are sick, please call to rebook.


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