An Olympian

I discovered the power of Hellerwork during my summer off-ice training in 2009, leading up to the 2010 Team USA Women’s National Ice Hockey Olympic Team Selection Camp, when I met Jeffrey.

As an USA National Women’s Team ice hockey player, I have trained in numerous workout facilities (on-ice free weights, plyometrics, pilates, yoga) – BUT nothing challenged or transformed my body, in terms of agility and flexibility on and off the ice, the way Hellerwork has.

A truly deep-tissue and intense bodywork session that benefits not only my athletic goals. but also my goal of a healthy lifestyle combining mind, body and spirit.

Not only is Hellerwork enhancing my performance capability, but it’s also providing me new baseline levels that i’ll use to maintain my flexibility and overall mobility throughout my life beyond hockey.

I will continue to incorporate Hellerwork into my training and enjoy the new found awareness with my body.

Kerry Weiland
#23 US Women’s Hockey Olympic Silver Medalist


More alive in my body

I discovered Hellerwork after chiropractic and various types of bodywork failed to create lasting pain relief in my neck and back. When I came across Hellerwork. I thought it might be the answer, I haven’t been disappointed.

Having gone through the entire series, I can strongly recommend Hellerwork therapy and Jeff Weisman in particular. I was impressed with how accurately Jeff was able to identify the root cause(s) of various problems. and then explain them to me in practical terms.

Jeff made it all enjoyable with his fun and easy-going manner. I feel that I am moving more freely and sense that I am coming across as more confident with others;. I have gained significant increases in flexibility and balance which is quite apparent in my yoga practice and I have a general sense of well being that I am confident I will be able to maintain.

I highly recommend Jeff Weisman’s Hellerwork if you are experiencing persistent pain or just want to create more balance and freedom of movement.

Sue M.
City of Toronto



Jeff Weisman is a master and magician at his healing craft of Hellerwork is my first VERY enthusiastic remark!

A chronic shoulder injury has had me spend over 4 years and over well a $1,000 in various modalities including ART, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, Reiki , physio, etc. in an unsuccessful attempt to return me to full range of motion without pain. I achieved this goal after only one session with Jeff!! Within days, I was swimming using every imaginable stroke with zero pain and resistance. A result I never expected!!

Recently, I seriously injured the ligament in my knee, and was in excruciating pain. Within 4 days I could not sleep nor walk past a very tentative and painful hobble; with compensation issues causing added aching pain. After one session with Jeff and in less than 24 hours later, I am able to effortlessly walk up AND down stairs normally with only mild discomfort – a feat that the day before was 100% impossible. Absolutely amazing!!!

And the 10-seesion series is also producing profound results as we move through them that I could go on and on about!

Jeff and Hellerwork are my new best friends!

Juilie Ward


Glad I found you

Yesterday I was treated by Jeff Weisman!   If you have never had body work done you have to check out this style of treatment! If you have had bodywork, I had HUGE referral and RELEASE of discomfort. Thank you Sir. I will book the 10 session treatment with you!

Jacques Berge
Coach Connector Creator


Rejuvenate, Heal and Empower

The ability of Hellerwork to rejuvenate, heal and empower cannot be overstated. It is a priceless gift that is given to everyone who takes an active role in the creation of his or her health.

Gary Zukav Author of “Seat of the Soul”.

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